Tuesday, November 03, 2009

The Internet runs on Eastern time...

So my life has been a little insane lately. I'm working on a new film called Red Canyon. It's not the sort of film I usually work on - horror flick, but it's still pretty cool. It's allowed me to work with some cool peeps. Christine Lakin, Norman Reedus, Justin Hartley...nice client list. ;)

Hubby's still on the pain train. Military is trying to figure out what pain meds will work best for him. It's insane. Each new pain med is just a new ride - seriously. The one from over the weekend made him feel like he kept stepping on electric wires and giving him shocks. Made him totally grumpy - to say the least. So that one's out.

My mother is coming to visit. So is my grandma. They're coming here for ten days over Thanksgiving. They're getting on a plane. That's huge. When my grandma was little, her sisters locked her in a coal chute for several hours, so she's been highly claustrophobic for the rest of her life. When they came to visit last year, they came on a train. Five days. FIVE DAYS. They're terrifed of getting on the plane though. My mother hasn't flown in over forty years - since she took a puddle jumper flight in PA. So she's assuming a lot of things....she told my grandmother the other day that they would be in folding chairs with strappy seat belts. She also told my grandma that they would be locked in tubes and standing there for hours while they wait to board. When I asked my mom where she got that information she said "I've driven past the Pittsburgh Airport lots of times Lori. I know these things."

She refuses to allow my grandma to check baggage because she says she doesn't want to juggle all the bags in her lap during the flight - or carry them from airport to airport....

When I try to tell her that she's wrong, she gets really angry at me. See, I know nothing cause I'm her daughter. Even though I'm in my 30's - doesn't matter. She still knows more. Last year when they visited, she argued with me because the Internet runs on Eastern time. (My mom hasn't been out of Eastern time more than once in her life and then she didn't access the Internet...) So every website, ticket, reservation, etc that happens online, is Eastern time. The rest of the ENTIRE PLANET must adjust accordingly.

That's pretty much a great example of what my Mom sees life as...she's got her opinions...the rest of the world must adjust accordingly.

Sunday, November 01, 2009


I had a huge blog entry typed up - ready to hit post...and it disappeared. Completely.

LL, you're going to have to wonder for a while what I had to say...and remind me to tell you later how I know that the internet all runs on Eastern time zone.


Monday, October 12, 2009

Hmmmm....October ramblings

Hello internetland. How is everyone out there? I'm doing well. Really well! :)

Last week I got to interview Audrey Niffenegger. That was awesome. I had an amazing time and she was a great interview. And dude - she's a Whovian. How cool is that?! You can check out the interview (it's audio) at www.fictionaddict.com .

I sold a screenplay. I sold the rights for 365 days...if they don't make the film in a year, then the rights come back to me. Right now they're talking about filming in the Spring. We'll see. They've got to get $$ in the bank by Dec 1...so that's when we'll know for sure.

I'm reviewing a lot of books at fictionaddict - and I love it. Having a great time with that.

Hubby's recovering from his surgery. (Still - supposed to be a simple surgery and we're looking at six months here. It's crazy.) They say that he's got nerve damage, so they've put him on a nerve medication. It's long term neuropathic something or other. We'll see how it goes. I hope something good happens because I don't like him continuing to be in this kind of pain.

And that's really all the news I have....

Anyone else got news?

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Still here

Can't sleep tonight so thought I'd take the time to get caught up.

NYPinTA has given me a new obsession. Well, not really an obsession...an interest? That's taking up more of my time than it should? And I'm spending money on it...? Okay. Maybe it is an obsession. I'm talking about Sookie Stackhouse. The books are like a big plate of brownies. You sit down and think you'll read just one and then boom - you've devoured the whole plate and didn't realize it. I'm working on book seven. I'll get back to you when I've read more.

I'm writing book reviews for Fictionaddict.com. It's really cool and I'm having a ball doing it. I've gotten some awesome books and the opportunity to do some interviews as well. (Nicholas Sparks. Who ever would have imagined that eh?)

I've also sold a screenplay. Or mostly sold it. Contracts are currently pending. I've signed and returned mine. Just waiting for everyone else to join the party. They have 365 days to make the film before rights revert back to me. From what I've heard, they're ready to start filming in like a month - so I have a lot of hope that this will happen. Still, it's a million bajillion contracts yet before anything further can happen and I know how this business runs. I'm really jazzed about this one because I'll be on set for the filming and they've said they want to hire me for the marketing too. It's a bigger budget than I'd hoped and I'm really *fingers crossed* that we get some excellent names on board. I'll keep you guys informed on that one.

And that's about it. What's happening in internetyland for everyone out there? Fill me in!

Monday, April 13, 2009

So here's a conundrum.....

My father split when I was 13. The day his divorce became final with my mother, he married another woman who lived in a neighboring town and had three kids of her own. So for a few years, I vacillated back and forth between his house and my mother's house. (Mom hardcore solid conservative as it gets - Dad married a woman who dabbled in witchcraft and watched porn together as a family. Can you imagine the chaos of Twichie's growing up years?)

When I turned 18, Dad called and said 'Now that you're an adult I don't have to pay anything for you. You're on your own now kid.' And that was it. I heard from him two or three more times after that. Once I needed money desperately for an emergency surgery and called him and he said no. I ended up needing a loan for it.

So a few weeks ago, bumped into my step-sis on Facebook. We talked a bit about life, kids, etc. We hadn't talked in nearly 20 years so we caught up. We exchanged pics of the kids and such - that's it though. Didn't really connect.

So today on my wall she writes (publicly I might add) that my Dad is dying and she thought I should know. She admitted he's a crappy dad but she said she thought I would want to know so I don't have regrets.

What the heck should I feel about that? I haven't thought about my Dad in years (other than a few weeks ago when she and I reconnected and then it was more...oh wow. Yeah. But nothing more than that).

There's a nice curveball. Add to that the realization that she had no idea he and I hadn't spoken because she says his walls are covered with pictures of me and the kids (obviously sent by my mother without my knowledge) and she assumed we were in contact enough that I sent those.

Also? We're planning a family vacation in May and we'll be driving through (of all places) the town where he currently resides and THAT was where we'd planned to stay the night.

The man was abusive when he DID pay attention to me and a jackass at his BEST. What the heck happens next? Stay tuned - it may end up in a screenplay.


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Okay - where'd March go??

March has come in like a lion - but it's still roaring! Every week this month I've thought 'Busy this week - will catch up next week' and never do!

March 7th - birthday party.

March 8-13 - Spring Break.

March 14th - Microsoft/SXSW gig with wounded warriors.

March 16th - lost a friend to cancer.

March 17-19 - Aforementioned funeral arrangements, etc.

March 20 - Girl's night. (Hugh Jackman no shirt and margaritas - nice way to end a rough week)

March 23 - Meetings all day.

March 24-26 - Short days at school.

So...can I start saying now that "I'll catch up next month??"

Oh and BSG anyone????

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Whoa...and like...whoa again.

Can I just say the flu STINKS? I mean horribly miserably didn't think I was dying but felt like I was anyway kind of stinks?

I slept for three whole days last week and didn't eat for a whole week. Seriously. Not cool.

Everyone - avoid the flu this year!

On the flip side, working a nice gig with South by Southwest Film Festival and Microsoft for the troops. It looks like we're going to be able to take some wounded warriors from Iraq/Afghanistan to a special screening of a film for them. Still working out details but I'll share more when I can.

Television viewing? Lost - amazing. BSG - as good as first season again. Loving Friday Night Lights (and not just because I have two clients on the show) and LIFE rocks! Love Charlie Crews!

How's flisty-land out there? What's up?!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

February meanderings.

Hey gang. How's it going?

Is everyone still watching Lost? If so, what do you think? I've quit trying to puzzle it out and I'm along for the ride now. Not saying I don't enjoy it, but it made my brain hurt a lot - so thought I should just sit back and let them take me on the ride I signed up for - ya know? (watch for spoilers in comments)

BSG? Same question - what do you guys think? (same thing - spoilers in comments) I'm thinking that I see no way for them to wrap this up with a nice red bow before the end of the series and maybe they're hoping for a couple of movies? So we're gonna get left open ended but at least not Farscaped. I hope.

On the work side, I'm working on a couple of projects for the military. One of them's REALLY exciting - as it gets further along I'll share it with you.

Also working with Microsoft on a gig for SXSW. (South By Southwest Film Festival)

Dondi Scumaci's new book, "Ready, Set...Grow!" hits the streets March 3rd, so working on that and setting up a new podcast for her as well. That'll be cool.

Still liking Life on Mars. (Don't throw things at me okay?)

Life is back! Love Charlie Crews. LOVE him.

What's up with you guys? Tell me the latest - I've missed ya. And hey- are any of you on Facebook?! Just checking....

Monday, January 26, 2009

I've got to get my blogs on....

I've got blogs all over the internet now. I tell my clients to 'increase their internet footprint'. I've done that nicely. I just seem to be missing a few toes now and then....

Someday I'll come up with a way to keep my LJ, Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, Blogspot and professional blogs all updated without losing any important parts.

So it's Monday morning. How is everyone and what have you been up to since..er...2007?!

And hey Pittsburgh's going to the Super Bowl! Hope you've got your Terrible Towels!