Tuesday, November 03, 2009

The Internet runs on Eastern time...

So my life has been a little insane lately. I'm working on a new film called Red Canyon. It's not the sort of film I usually work on - horror flick, but it's still pretty cool. It's allowed me to work with some cool peeps. Christine Lakin, Norman Reedus, Justin Hartley...nice client list. ;)

Hubby's still on the pain train. Military is trying to figure out what pain meds will work best for him. It's insane. Each new pain med is just a new ride - seriously. The one from over the weekend made him feel like he kept stepping on electric wires and giving him shocks. Made him totally grumpy - to say the least. So that one's out.

My mother is coming to visit. So is my grandma. They're coming here for ten days over Thanksgiving. They're getting on a plane. That's huge. When my grandma was little, her sisters locked her in a coal chute for several hours, so she's been highly claustrophobic for the rest of her life. When they came to visit last year, they came on a train. Five days. FIVE DAYS. They're terrifed of getting on the plane though. My mother hasn't flown in over forty years - since she took a puddle jumper flight in PA. So she's assuming a lot of things....she told my grandmother the other day that they would be in folding chairs with strappy seat belts. She also told my grandma that they would be locked in tubes and standing there for hours while they wait to board. When I asked my mom where she got that information she said "I've driven past the Pittsburgh Airport lots of times Lori. I know these things."

She refuses to allow my grandma to check baggage because she says she doesn't want to juggle all the bags in her lap during the flight - or carry them from airport to airport....

When I try to tell her that she's wrong, she gets really angry at me. See, I know nothing cause I'm her daughter. Even though I'm in my 30's - doesn't matter. She still knows more. Last year when they visited, she argued with me because the Internet runs on Eastern time. (My mom hasn't been out of Eastern time more than once in her life and then she didn't access the Internet...) So every website, ticket, reservation, etc that happens online, is Eastern time. The rest of the ENTIRE PLANET must adjust accordingly.

That's pretty much a great example of what my Mom sees life as...she's got her opinions...the rest of the world must adjust accordingly.

Sunday, November 01, 2009


I had a huge blog entry typed up - ready to hit post...and it disappeared. Completely.

LL, you're going to have to wonder for a while what I had to say...and remind me to tell you later how I know that the internet all runs on Eastern time zone.