Thursday, February 12, 2009

February meanderings.

Hey gang. How's it going?

Is everyone still watching Lost? If so, what do you think? I've quit trying to puzzle it out and I'm along for the ride now. Not saying I don't enjoy it, but it made my brain hurt a lot - so thought I should just sit back and let them take me on the ride I signed up for - ya know? (watch for spoilers in comments)

BSG? Same question - what do you guys think? (same thing - spoilers in comments) I'm thinking that I see no way for them to wrap this up with a nice red bow before the end of the series and maybe they're hoping for a couple of movies? So we're gonna get left open ended but at least not Farscaped. I hope.

On the work side, I'm working on a couple of projects for the military. One of them's REALLY exciting - as it gets further along I'll share it with you.

Also working with Microsoft on a gig for SXSW. (South By Southwest Film Festival)

Dondi Scumaci's new book, "Ready, Set...Grow!" hits the streets March 3rd, so working on that and setting up a new podcast for her as well. That'll be cool.

Still liking Life on Mars. (Don't throw things at me okay?)

Life is back! Love Charlie Crews. LOVE him.

What's up with you guys? Tell me the latest - I've missed ya. And hey- are any of you on Facebook?! Just checking....

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LL said...

Lost? Well... yeah, I'm along for the ride, kinda. You see... it comes on opposite Life and due to my particular circumstances, I can only watch one or the other.

So I choose Life.

I know, I know... but Lost re-runs the next week so I catch it then. True I'm a week behind everyone else, but alas...

As for BSG, I never could get into that show period. Tried at the end of last season, but with the turd they laid in the finale, I haven't been back.

I'll give Dollhouse a looksee tonight though, and who knows? Might even stick around to watch it.