Monday, October 12, 2009

Hmmmm....October ramblings

Hello internetland. How is everyone out there? I'm doing well. Really well! :)

Last week I got to interview Audrey Niffenegger. That was awesome. I had an amazing time and she was a great interview. And dude - she's a Whovian. How cool is that?! You can check out the interview (it's audio) at .

I sold a screenplay. I sold the rights for 365 days...if they don't make the film in a year, then the rights come back to me. Right now they're talking about filming in the Spring. We'll see. They've got to get $$ in the bank by Dec that's when we'll know for sure.

I'm reviewing a lot of books at fictionaddict - and I love it. Having a great time with that.

Hubby's recovering from his surgery. (Still - supposed to be a simple surgery and we're looking at six months here. It's crazy.) They say that he's got nerve damage, so they've put him on a nerve medication. It's long term neuropathic something or other. We'll see how it goes. I hope something good happens because I don't like him continuing to be in this kind of pain.

And that's really all the news I have....

Anyone else got news?