Monday, October 12, 2009

Hmmmm....October ramblings

Hello internetland. How is everyone out there? I'm doing well. Really well! :)

Last week I got to interview Audrey Niffenegger. That was awesome. I had an amazing time and she was a great interview. And dude - she's a Whovian. How cool is that?! You can check out the interview (it's audio) at .

I sold a screenplay. I sold the rights for 365 days...if they don't make the film in a year, then the rights come back to me. Right now they're talking about filming in the Spring. We'll see. They've got to get $$ in the bank by Dec that's when we'll know for sure.

I'm reviewing a lot of books at fictionaddict - and I love it. Having a great time with that.

Hubby's recovering from his surgery. (Still - supposed to be a simple surgery and we're looking at six months here. It's crazy.) They say that he's got nerve damage, so they've put him on a nerve medication. It's long term neuropathic something or other. We'll see how it goes. I hope something good happens because I don't like him continuing to be in this kind of pain.

And that's really all the news I have....

Anyone else got news?


LL said...

I'm nearly speechless! Two posts in less than a month? I guess that's what I get for not checking in regular like...

I already wished you well on the screenplay, and of course offered my services as your date (unless I'm already hooked up with some other cutie *hint hint*) last time, so I can hardly do that again, can I? ;)

Sorry to hear about the hubs though. It sounds like a pretty major deal, and knowing his line of work, I can only imagine the cause. Constant pain is something that's terrible to deal with.

I'll look forward to listening to the interview too. I mean... how often do I get the chance to hear the infamous Twichie speak? I'll be curious to see how far off my imagination is. :spin:

Twichie said...

LOL! Well, I will say this - her publicist contacted me after the interview went live and told me that my voice was we'll see! LOLOL!

Hubby had a bad turn this week. Really really bad turn. Like ended up in the ER via a 911 ambulance call. His co-workers said he looked 'not good' and a few minutes later found him unresponsive in the hallway. When he did come around, he didn't know his name. Not good. (Worse was that no one called me - he was at hospital in ER for hours before I found out.)

He's okay now but they've taken him off of his new drug. Said "That doesn't seem to be good for him." Uh, no.

So we're working through that.

Tonight's ladies movie night at my place. A bunch of women watching chick flicks and enjoying margaritas and mojitos. I have needed it after this week!

LL said...

Ahhhhhh, the dulcet tones of the infamous Twichie. Kind of made my heart skip a beat there for a minute. :ewink:

Actually you did a very nice job on the interview. She might be a great writer, but a loquacious interviewee she isn't.

I hope the morning after ladies night was just as much fun as the margaritas and mojitos were the night before!

Twichie said...

Oooh LL - you are a balm for my ego. ;) Love it! Thank you very much.

And we had a wonderful ladies night. Got another one planned soon..

Maybe even another blog entry. You wouldn't believe how my last week has been....

LL said...

Oh sure... get me all hot and bothered with the promise of a new entry... and then just keep us all in suspense.

It's not right I tellz ya! :P