Sunday, November 06, 2005

Bras not optional

Or at least they shouldn't be in some circumstances. One of those circumstances would be when you're in a public parade. Thankfully most of the braless women didn't have wiggling jiggling problems because their breasts all rested on their belly like leaky water balloons left forgotten on a shelf. What wiggling/jiggling did take place though was highlighted by the brilliant sequins sewn all over the costumes. (Costumes that, I might add, covered the entire torso of the body, but little else. Yes. Much wrinkled rolling skin was seen on legs and arms yesterday flapping in the wind to the tune of "She's a Grand Old Flag".)

There's a line in one of my favorite movies (Steel Magnolias) about how women should always wear lycra based foundational undergarments. It's noted in the movie that one prominent citizen of the town never wears such clothing and therefore, when she dances, it looks like two pigs wrestling under a blanket. I saw not only this woman, but all of her kin yesterday. All of the pigs were wrestling to the same tune and with similar motions. It was as mesmerizing as a train accident happening in slow motion. With sequins. And this, my friends, is how we honor those who have fought in war. (Read: Veteran's Day Parade.) With that, Hoo-ah!

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Juliette said...

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