Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Once again I'm reminded that I have lots of friends at this blog and that they're virtually ignored when the blog is, so here I am - updating with another promise/hope to keep up with things again.

Although to be fair I haven't kept up with anything lately at all. Double pneumonia and a hospital stay will do that though. Throw in a five year old that does time in the hospital a week later cause no one even realized she was sick and that can really mess up your schedule. (How sick was she? Well, she was walking OUT of a doctor's appointment with just a 'minor cough' and collapsed in the doorway. The doctor had no idea she was so ill either. Nice eh?)

And yesterday a really good friend, some may know her as Christiarc from the Farscape campaign, became a widow. Her husband had cancer but his death was very unexpected. His health was going downhill, but the doctors had just assured her that they thought he'd make it until Christmas because he was so strong and, it seemed, handling everything okay. She said it was very quick and no one saw it coming. One second he was breathing and the next exhale he didn't breathe in. No big struggle or crash. Just....suddenly not there. She's shattered obviously - prayers would be appreciated. And hug someone you love today.

Virtual hugs to all my friends out there. Love you guys.


LL said...

See? Now that wasn't so hard was it... ;)

Glad to hear you're about over the croup, just remember, raw garlic is the BEST antibiotic known to exist (it trumps anything they try to sell you). And nothing builds up an immunity to it.

Sorry to hear about your friend. Pass along my condolences.

Twichie said...

I'm totally looking into raw garlic. Still battling the cough and a little worried about how tired I still am - but happy to be here. :) That's for sure.

And thank you. I know she appreciates it.