Monday, October 31, 2005

Grey's Anatomy!

There's got to be some other folks out there that watch Grey's Anatomy. Last night was fantastic!! The pole. The ship. The stuff. Amazing!! I won't post spoilers in this main area, but anyone out there want to discuss??


ixchup said...

So, Obi-Wan-Twich, Grey's Anatomy is worth watching?

Here I am up all night with a sick child (fever, vomit, cough, the works) and I need a diversion. Divert me please.

Twichie said...

Wow!!! A sick kid? Same kid that was sick last week??? Uck!!!

Grey's Anatomy is SO worth watching! When I started it, it was seriously just a popcorn show. I wasn't all hooked in it or involved. But NOW....SO SO SO hooked. I'm screaming at the television and shouting and hollering. Yes, it's good. VERY good.

NYPinTA said...

I really like Grey's Anatomy.
I can't remember anyones name though! LOL.